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An empowering approach to create space, explore, find strength & ease through

movement and yoga.

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Hello and welcome to Moving Well with Sue (MWWS)!
I'm the owner of Give Rise Studio where I facilitate local art, wellness and movement practitioners (including myself) for classes, workshops, events, temporary work spaces and meetings.  MWWS was born out of this studio and continues to offer joint based practices to support your body and mind during the pandemic in studio, in the park and virtually.  

I offer 3 main weekly classes; Yin Yoga, Mobility Basics and Kinstretch along with specialized workshops. Appropriate for those that identify as beginners or experienced since our goal is to find YOUR way with compassion, care and control to do the things you love for as long as possible.  Enjoy immediate benefits and long term that bloom over time in a supportive and fun community of members.

Training (forever a student)
Certified yoga instructor RYT 200 with specialized training in Yin Yoga
Certified Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms) and Kinstretch instructor. 


125 South Carroll Street Frederick MD



Fitness Ladies

"Before starting Mobility Basics my feet hurt all the time. I groaned when I sat down and when I stood up. My lower back and knees were constantly aching. I didn’t want to do much. But now, having been in the group for a couple of months, I don’t moan and groan at all anymore. If part of me is achy, I know how to give that area some attention to work out the issue safely. I take the stairs, and park further away from my destination. I want to move more now because it feels good to feel good!"
- Facebook Group Member

"Knowing that Sue is live on Facebook at 8:00am gives me motivation to get out of bed. Doing CARS and having a cup of coffee with our dogs at the same time has given me a sense of connection and sets a tone of purpose to start the day. It has been powerful to set aside time just for myself, to focus on my body in a positive and affirming way." - M

"Sue is an amazing teacher and her yin yoga class is great for everyone, regardless of your yoga level, flexibility, or age.  She teaches to respect your body's ability and not compare yourself to others because everyone's different. I always feel refreshed and relaxed after this yoga. Give it a try! You won't regret it."


"I have had both knees replaced and despaired of ever walking without stiffness again. After just a couple of months of mobility and Yin Yoga, I am pain free and able to walk long distances with no adverse effects. I can also get down on the floor and up again (not gracefully, mind you) which I truly thought would never be possible. "
- Unlimited Member