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Welcome to the Mobility and Movement Community with Moving Well with Sue!! This is a one stop location, away from social media, where you can focus in and track your classes, discuss progress and get answers to any and all questions. Most importantly find YOUR way to move and be well. Weekly classes included in the library (at a minimum); 2 - 45 minute Mobility Basic Sessions 1 - 15 minute Homework Video for the week 1 - 60 minute Yin Yoga Practice 1 - 60 minute Kinstretch Practice Bonus Mobility & Yoga snacks will be programmed around the communities needs so please let me know. Live stream classes will be announced soon. All classes will be released on Sunday night to set you up for success for the week. This is self paced and trackable to start or continue your mobility journey and I'm so happy you are here. Any shapes we create in this class will have multiple options so don't hesitate to hop over to the group to open up a discussion or direct message me about options.

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MWWS Mobility & Movement Community

MWWS Mobility & Movement Community

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